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WIGOL® W. Stache GmbH

Phone No. Central office: +49 6241 4141-0
Phone No. Sales Department: +49 6241 4141-20
Phone No. Dispatch department: +49 6241 4141-18
Fax: +49 6241 4141-41
Email: kontakt [at]

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Contact Persons: 
Michael Stache - WIGOL
Michael Stache
(Managing Partner)
michael.stache [at]
Hella Stache - WIGOL
Hella Stache
(Administration and Human Resource Management)
hella.stache [at]
Dr. Christoph Kaub
(QM / Product Development Food Industry)
dr.kaub [at]
Dr. Ralf Krammer - WIGOL
Dr. Ralf Krammer
(Safety / Product Development Surface Treatment)
dr.krammer [at]
Jens-Oliver Hauck - WIGOL
Jens-Oliver Hauck
(Sales Management)
hauck [at]
Siegfried Dorn - WIGOL
Siegfried Dorn
(Service / Technical Field Service)
dorn [at]
Dagmar Keller - WIGOL
Dagmar Keller
(Order Management)
keller [at]
Sandra Kleinert - WIGOL
Sandra Kleinert
(Order Management)
kleinert [at]
Andreas Reinemuth - WIGOL
Andreas Reinemuth
(Dispatch department / Disposition)
reinemuth [at]
Paulina Koschella
koschella [at]
Katja Graber - WIGOL
Katja Graber
(Head Office)
graber [at]
Karen Fuchs - WIGOL
Karen Fuchs
fuchs [at]
Annika Ziemba - WIGOL
Annika Ziemba
ziemba [at]
Dr. Michael Walz
(Complaince Manager)
dr.walz [at]