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Tradition and Success

More than 70 years ago the company WIGOL® W. Stache GmbH had been founded at Worms on the Rhine. We produce cleaning and disinfecting agents for the beverage, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as well as degreasing concentrates and anti-corrosion agents for the surface technology.

The “starting signal“ for our company’s activities had been given in 1952. First, the company’s founder Willi Stache started producing cleaning agents for winegrowing farms, which had at that time been mainly used for cleaning wooden barrels and bottles.

After WIGOL® had quickly established itself on the market the company consequently expanded its product range. Based on the experiences made in the wine industry it had been obvious for the company to deliver hence up-to-date and high-quality cleaning concentrates to the whole beverage industry. By and by we acquired customers like breweries, fruit juice producers and producers of mineral water.

The company consequently aimed for continuously increasing the industrial hygiene standard of its clients. Thus, it made an important contribution to enhancing product quality and prolonging the shelf life of the food.

With this aim in mind WIGOL® started to expand the manufacturing program by products for the whole food industry more than 35 years ago. Ever since butcher shop, slaughterhouses, milk producers and dairies, fish processinf factories and canning factories rely on our cleaning concentrates.

WIGOL® is facing the high demands of a modern industrial hygiene in a target-oriented and successful way. A certified quality management according to DIN EN 9001 and an active environmentally management are a matter of course for us. Certificates for functionality and usability of our products in the individual application areas are available upon request.

For WIGOL® and its employees the customer-oriented working is the basis of every action.

We aspire to be as near as possible to you, and therefore it is a matter of course for us to be present at every important national and international trade fair in order that our clients may visit us. So you will find us at the "Brau" at Nuremberg, the "drinktec" at Munich, the "Intervisits" at Stuttgart, the "parts2clean" at Stuttgart and at lots of other regional trade fairs and conferences.

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Service and Flexibility

Clients especially appreciate the individual advice by our competent sale representatives and application engineers. More than 30 expert advisors are nationwide at our customer’s disposal.

Solving individual problems and manufacturing customized products according to the special needs of our clients is the strength of WIGOL®.

In our laboratories we are able to respond to any special demands of our customers and to develop individual recipes. Thanks to the size of enterprise and the medium-size character of our company, it's quite easy for us to handle individual requests and develop customized products for your particular application purposes.

Thanks to the flexibility of our manufacturing facility we are able to produce special small batches for individual applications and to process a great variety of raw material.

Our company-owned fleet of trucks of different sizes delivers the products within Germany and the neighboring countries. The great advantage of this method is, that we are able to pick-up the empty and cleaned containers at the facility of our customers free of charge.

Our dispatch department can easily react on short-term customer requests and individual requirements. A multi-stage control system guarantees dispatch of goods with the highest possible level of precision - in spite of the enormous variety of products - so that customers reliably receive the goods they have ordered.


Technology and Development

Built according to the best available technology the WIGOL® production plant includes an in-house laboratory, a sensitive quality control as well as an company-owned water treatment plant.

The WIGOL® pilot plant station offers our customers and other interested persons the opportunity to perform test cleanings of original soiling with the attendance of employees of the engineering department and of the product development in order to develop and test individual cleaning concepts and recipes.

The four advantages of WIGOL®’s expertise are supporting the conceptual design of your plant, determining the precise concentration and dosing quantity as well as proposals for the water treatment. Moreover, WIGOL® is in close contact with several machine manufacturers since many years.

Safety and Responsibility

The safe storage of chemicals as well as the storage and handling of hazardous materials is a matter of course for us. All hazardous materials are either stored in double-walled tank units with leakage alert or in accordance with the official regulations in small containers in a container storage with collecting pans and fire water retaining basins.

All our delivery trucks are equipped for the transportation of hazardous materials, and the drivers and employees of the dispatch department are trained accordingly.

Quality and Environment
WIGOL Environment

We rely on quality

Our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015 is a matter of course. Each of our products is subject to a severe quality control. We are able to use any data of chemical analysis of each recipe independent from the date of production. Each container is labeled with a batch number and the shelf life which guarantees complete traceability.

Our environmental policy

Being a company of the chemical industry we are aware of our activities and their environmental impact. This is the reason why WIGOL® W. Stache GmbH aims to use environmentally friendly products and methods in the production as well as in the application. Due to the ongoing improvement of methods used by our customers environmentally friendly products are enforced and possible savings are realized.

WIGOL® and its employees adjust all their activities to an appropriate environmental protection, responsible actions and compliance with all legal regulations.

Proper use

The important environmental impacts of our activities are given by the way how our customers are using our products. Therefore, we attach great importance to advising our customers regarding the proper use of our products because we feel responsible for the environment. Our application advisors support our customers regarding the optimization of their cleaning methods. Important steps here are to determine the optimum, usable concentration, to optimize bath cleaning equipment in order to extend the service life of baths, the appropriate waste water disposal concept and the continuous monitoring of dosing units.

Environmental-friendly products

WIGOL® produces cleaning and disinfecting agents for a large variety of application of various business areas. Whether in the food and beverage industry, the surface technology or in the general industry, environmentally friendly systems can be used everywhere.

These are our main efforts:

  • reducing the use of media with chlorine and thus reducing the AOX pollution
  • increasing the use of neutral cleaning agents
  • reducing pollutants such as phosphate, sulfate, EDTA and NTA
WIGOL Policy Statement

Policy Statement

As a company with international ties, WIGOL W. Stache GmbH sees itself as having a special responsibility to work towards improving the global human rights situation along our supply chains and to shape business relationships in a social manner with a view to the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development within the scope of our possibilities as an SME.

The increasing integration of WIGOL W. Stache GmbH in global procurement and sales markets offers opportunities and challenges at the same time:

  • New markets and sales opportunities are opened up, creating jobs and prosperity
  • At the same time, however, risks also arise from a lack of transparency and the often inadequate enforcement of internationally recognized human rights in the  supply chains.

WIGOL W. Stache GmbH is committed to respecting, protecting and complying with the human rights of the individual. We stand by this responsibility as a company, regardless of the ability or willingness of states to fulfill their duty to protect human rights.

To implement these goals, WIGOL W. Stache GmbH uses risk management in order to be able to identify violations of the human rights situation in the supply chain in good time. On this basis, measures and decisions can then be taken to ensure compliance with human rights within the supply chain.

This includes the understanding of WIGOL W. Stache GmbH to pay fair wages, to work towards appropriate working conditions on site and to prevent the exploitation of children. Equal rights for women and men are a matter of course for us and we do not discriminate against anyone because of their gender, sexual orientation, descent, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, religious or political views or because of their disability.

We reject corruption as well as forced labor and human trafficking.

WIGOL W. Stache GmbH stands by these guidelines and trains its employees to live these values in the company. This begins with the conscious perception of violations of these principles, which are taken up and processed for defined processes, in order to then lead to suitable measures for the company.

This also applies to information provided by third parties.

WIGOL W. Stache GmbH
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As a full member of the Industry Association for Hygiene and Surface Protection (IHO) and the Association for the Chemical Industry (VCI), we are committed to ensuring national and international hygiene standards.

Through this permanent exchange of information, WIGOL® receives up-to-date information on questions about legal regulations, especially in environmental, health and consumer protection.

Our goal is to be a competent partner for our customers in all questions relating to cleaning, disinfection and surface protection.

WIGOL Products

Raw material management

When selecting raw materials to be used the environmental compatibility regarding the transport, the usage and the wastewater contamination is specially taken into account.

When using dangerous substances in our products we are continuously aiming at reducing the risk potential by using raw materials which are classified less hazardous in accordance with legal demands.

Storage of materials which are hazardous to waters

Appropriate protection and safety precautions have been made for the handling and storing of dangerous substances. Dangerous raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods need to be stored in accordance with the regulations either in double-walled tank units or in pallet racks with appropriate drip trays. The unloading and loading areas also need to be provided with the appropriate safety measures which prevent from contaminating the earth.

The whole premises of WIGOL® are designed as an additional collecting pan and can be used as a fire water retaining basin.

Energy management

The most important energy consumer is the in-house heating system which is used to heat the manufacturing and administration rooms as well as to generate hot water. Electrical energy is required for the necessary pumps, agitators, lightning and the in-house waste water treatment plant. The truck fleet is essentially powered using diesel fuel.

Waste management

WIGOL® separates the waste and dispose of it according to its capability of being reused. Besides the waste generated during the production we also dispose of the cans returned by our customers. Every customer has the opportunity to return used cans with our vehicles free of charge. All used containers are cleaned and refilled according to their size, or shredded and delivered to the plastics recycling.

Waste water management

The transportation of waste water is the decisive factor in the whole waste management of WIGOL®. The whole water consumption is covered by the drinking water network of Worms. The whole waste water passes a two-stage waste water treatment plant, and a partial stream is used as water for the industrial use for low-ordered cleaning processes after the first treatment step.

In the second treatment step the waste water which is no longer intended to be reused is guided through an activated carbon filter and fed into the municipal sewage system.